July 17, 2017

Adam Driver

Adam Driver Adam Driver! The Girls-to-Star Wars star sits down with David to talk about family life, military duty, and to give some career insights. BurPt embarrasses himself by opening his stupid mouth face. 

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz,  Jason Kaye as Adam Driver, and Matthew Sweeny as BurPt

July 9, 2017

John Lithgow

We have John Lithgow! Hollywood's favorite dad/serial killer joins David to say some kind words on the business, his comrades, and growing up in NY. Burt=Butt sits in the back stirring a cauldron and mumbles witchcraft. 

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz,  Jason Kaye as Michael Caine, Dennis Hurley as John Lithgow, and Matthew Sweeny as Burt=Butt.

July 3, 2017

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd is with us! Lloyed brings his friend Eric Stoltz to the podcast to sit down and talk about the business, growing up with New York Theatre, and a yard sale. B-urt sits in the back like an a-hole. 

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz,  Jason Kaye as Michael J. Fox, Dennis Hurley as Christopher Lloyd, and Matthew Sweeny as B-urt. 

June 26, 2017

Matthew McConaughey

We've got McConaghey! Matthew joins David in the studio and even brings a super secret cool guest to the to talk about Texas, abs, and his film career.  B1u1r1t1 spends time polluting the episode with his garbage voice. 

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz,  Jason Kaye as super secret cool guest, Grady Welch as Matthew McConaughey, and Matthew Sweeny as B1u1r1t1. 

June 18, 2017

Quentin Tarantino

We have Quentin Tarantino! The prolific screenwriter/actor/master of story sits down in David's studio to talk about his inspirations, his upbringing, and his insights on the biz. BurtKKK remains a dark protruding scar on the face of this podcast. 

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz,  Jason Kaye as Quentin Tarantino, and Matthew Sweeny as BurtKKK

June 12, 2017

Ian McKellen

Did someone say, Sir Ian McKellen? WE DID! "None shall pass" this episode without rolling on the floor with laughter as the Knighted actor gives us his best comedy bits, talks tales of the industry, and floors us with some spot-on impressions. Burtllllll is a disappointment. In general.

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz,  Jason Kaye as Ian McKellen, and Matthew Sweeny as Burtllllll.

June 4, 2017

Daniel Radcliffe

We have Daniel Radcliffe! Harry Potter himself joins David in a magical conversation about the joys of acting, growing up in the biz, and helping others. Bur^^^^^^^^^^^^t sits in the back and emotionally hurts those who get close to him. 

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz,  Jason Kaye as Daniel Radcliffe, and Matthew Sweeny as Bur^^^^^^^^^^^^t.

May 29, 2017

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg in the house!  We got MARKY MARK in the studio, spitting out knowledge, talking family, and dishing on the biz.  Burrrrrrtz absence is heavily wished for.

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz,  Jason Kaye as Mark Wahlberg and Matthew Sweeny as Burrrrrrtz.

May 22, 2017

Johnny Depp

We have superstars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the studio! Due to a scheduling mishap by B123ert, we double-booked Johnny and Amber! Luckily these two gracious red carpet stars put aside their personal quarrels to talk to David about the biz, the craft, and the love of life. B123ert is absent, which makes David smile. 

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz, Amber Luallen as Amber Heard, and Jason Kaye as Johnnny Depp.

May 15, 2017

Jeff Goldblum

We have the one and only Jeff Goldblum! Jeff brings his friend, director David Cronenberg, to the studio to talk about the craft, jazz, and sexual expression. burt sits down and does a great job, OH WAIT NO HE DOESN'T HIS NAME IS BURQQQT.

Cast: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz, Evan Watkins as Jeff Goldblum, Jason Kaye as David Cronenberg, and Matthew Sweeny as BURQQQT.


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